Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Broadening Our Knowledge

Our knowledge grows and changes day by day, year by year, constantly evolving and constantly broadening our horizons.  The more things we know, the more we’re interested in, the more we enjoy life, and the more we appreciate the world and it’s diversity around us.

Yet, there’s still so much in this world that we’ll never know.  Much of what people want us to know is often useless to us on the broader scale as human beings, but  it’s important to recognize that each person’s individual knowledge can still be mobilized as part of the massive amount of information that we’re exposed to each day – especially through social media – to add something unique to knowledge.

Broadening our knowledge does not mean knowing more information.  (For the difference between data, information and knowledge see my previous blog).  It doesn’t mean memorizing more facts and figures.  It does mean opening ourselves up to new and different knowledge that each individual can share from personal experiences in an effort to become more aware.  It means finding out what kinds of things other people on this planet have done to benefit humanity (no matter how small it may seem) – and the life stories they have to tell.

As a Knowledge Mobilizer (you can add philosopher, theorist and optimist if you like), my goal is to learn and know as much as I possibly can – and mobilize that knowledge to others for the benefit of society.  If I want to do this I have to connect to others as much as I can.  I use social media so that I can receive and add more knowledge to this world.  We are so fortunate to be able to have social media to connect to others – even on the other side of this planet.  We can do that only if we’re open to every individual life – and if we’re open to learning about people, cultures, and beliefs in order to acknowledge our differences while appreciating our common humanity.  We also have to admit our own ignorance if we want to increase our knowledge, and use our knowledge to beneift and not harm.

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