Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Are You Mobilizing Knowledge Or Data/Information Noise?

Remember that just because we can mobilize information on the Internet to someone halfway around the world doesn’t mean we are mobilizing knowledge or have wisdom.  Knowledge, information and wisdom are very different things.

Information is not always better.  Having information doesn’t make us better people.  Having a whole world of information at our fingertips on the Internet doesn’t make us any wiser – it just means that we have access to more information than people used to have in the past. The Internet has made mobilizing information faster, but that doesn’t mean we are mobilizing knowledge.

Many of us mistake this “data/information noise” as knowledge – or even wisdom.  To have knowledge, or to be wise, we have to have understanding and connect that individual understanding beyond ourselves to our humanity.  If we’re going to gain or give knowledge (and be wise) we can’t just simply share facts and figures–we have to share our deeper experiences and actions, and receive them from others as well.  We must reach a deeper understanding of things and actions, and then give and take that understanding for the purpose of improving – not only ourselves – but our humanity.

Knowledge isn’t about using big words – knowledge can be brilliant in its simplicity.  Knowledge  isn’t having the answer for everything – it’s about being open to others, to the differences of others, and allowing them to contribute their knowledge to solve our world’s problems.

These days many think they have knowledge because they have easy access to an abundance of  information, but quantity doesn’t mean quality – and information doesn’t mean knowledgeWhen we mobilize knowledge we can reach so much farther through the Internet and social media – but unless we connect our individual knowledge to our collective knowledge for progressive knowledge, we are only contributing to the “data/information noise”.

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