Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

“Expert” Knowledge

Knowledge is given to everyone. It’s learning how to use knowledge everyday that’s important. We have to learn to put our knowledge into action as a gift that we can give on a daily basis – no matter how small or insignificant we may think it is – to benefit the world we live in.

Some might argue that we have too high expectations of individual knowledge – that we ought to expect the best and only the best from “experts” and not ourselves, and then the “best” knowledge will be a part of our lives and we’ll be happy and fulfilled.  To a certain extent, I believe they’re right. Yet, the time and energy we put into sharing our own individual knowledge – while also being open to learning from others (including “experts”) – tends to come back to us on a more basic scale in the everyday moments of our lives. How we live these everyday moments with our own knowledge – sharing this knowledge beyond ourselves to benefit others then comes back to us on a wider scale as part of our collective knowledge – hopefully making the world a better place.

Some think we should expect knowledge to be grand and life changing – and that “expert” knowledge  will always give us what we need.  When we expect “expert” knowledge to give us something in particular – such as a new relationship, a new job, a return on an investment – we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment when it turns out that we could have listened and learned from the individual knowledge of a friend or family member or co-worker who sees that there’s something that would be better for us. I’m not saying “experts” don’t have a place in sharing valuable knowledge. I think I would prefer to have a neurosurgeon perform surgery with their knowledge than rely on the knowledge of my brother or sister. I am saying sometimes “expert” knowledge is closer than we think if we our willing to mobilize our own knowledge with others.

Sharing our individual knowledge everyday is important – for one day we’ll die and our individual knowledge will be lost along with the lessons that we’ve learned while we’ve been here – unless we take action everyday.  What a great opportunity we have using social media to share our knowledge and learn from others.

Hopefully, our individual knowledge won’t be exclusively focused on how to attain financial or material wealth – but about how to love and give and live life fully.  Hopefully, we won’t have learned to hoard money – but to share it.  Hopefully we won’t have learned to expect people to do or say what we want them to – but to expect them to be themselves and express themselves with their own knowledge as they will – in their own way – hopefully, using individual knowledge for good and not for harm.

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