Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Seeking Unchangeable Knowledge

Knowledge in this world comes through individual experiences.  No experience is ever exactly the same as any other – just as no person is exactly the same as any other. As each moment is different – so is each knowledge moment Trying to “capture” knowledge as something unchangeable will lead you on a wild-goose chase. This type of “knowledge” will never be attained.  But if you pursue knowledge with an open-mind and expectation of the ongoing process of knowledge you might very well find greater happiness in your life – and a deeper understanding of our ever-changing humanity.

I am definitely one of those people who recognizes each changing knowledge moment and oppportunity – now finding greater happiness in my life.  When I stopped trying to capture knowledge as something unchangeable and started looking for knowledge in the diversity of everything and everyone around me – I started finding greater happiness.

Earlier in my life I always expected certain things, certain people or certain situations to conform to my ideas of knowledge. It was very “black or white” thinking. I would say “why are they doing it that way, why not this way?”  It would often lead to frustration, annoyance and even anger.

Then I started opening myself up to other forms of knowledge that didn’t always fit into my “little box of knowledge” and I started to realize that the world is made up of many types of knowledge. When I decided to just let that knowledge happen, guess what? I started learning new things and new ideas that expanded my thinking – and quite frankly – made me a better person to be around.  I also started to realize that my own knowledge could contribute to the diversity of knowledge I was opening myself up to – and it was helpful – not just to myself – but to others.

I started to discover the meaning of knowledge as a daily practice and a daily process that connects me to the world around me. I also discovered that by sharing knowledge – especially through social media with people all around the world – I am connecting myself with a diversity of knowledge that can be used for social benefit.

If we spend all of our energy trying to “capture” unchangeable knowledge we miss out on the daily flow and process of knowledge. It’s like trying to hold back a waterfall with your hands. When we are open to learning and sharing knowledge with others we have the opportunity to let the diversity of knowledge come into our lives and transform our own knowledge. When our own knowledge is mobilized it becomes helpful – not just to ourselves – but to everyone.

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