Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Knowledge Is In Everyone

Knowledge comes from our life experiences – and is found in everyone. It’s in everything we see or feel – or experience – not just in what we read and study in school.  Knowledge is in everyone waiting to be shared.

It’s important that we begin to understand this very profound statement, especially in the world we live in that focuses so much on academic achievement – usually at the expense of ignoring many daily life experiences of knowledge.  We get so caught up in getting academic degrees or listening to professionals that we usually forget to include the everyday voices of knowledge that can contribute to our overall knowledge for social benefit.

Fortunately, this is what Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is doing.  (Click here for more on KMb). Combining academic or institutional knowledge with community knowledge to inform decisions by policymakers to make society better.

Unfortunately, many don’t think their own voices count.  The people that our cultures label as knowledgeable are often the ones who have become wealthy or famous or celebrities only for themselves – but knowledgeable people are everywhere – those people who are sharing their experiences in life for the benefit of others aren’t often featured in the news or media.  We see the politicians and the criminals and the athletes and the entertainment celebrities, but we don’t often see the people who can truly share their knowledge by being just who they are and giving their knowledge to others from their own life experiences. That doesn’t mean not always trying to make ourselves better – It means beginning to recognize your own knowledge now.

Knowledge is in everyone waiting to be shared.  When each of us connects with others to share knowledge for the benefit of society (especially through social media) we start to observe the value of individual knowledge.  Each of us can serve as an example for all those people who think their voices don’t count.  When we begin to realize what’s missing today in our understanding of knowledge is the value of all of our knowledge working together to make this world a better place – the world begins to be a better place for everyone. Knowledge is in everyone waiting to be shared. How are you sharing your own knowledge?

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