Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Knowledge “Off The Clock”

For each human life – everyday – knowledge happens.  When you wake up and start working or finishing your work and sitting down to a meal with family or friends, each moment is a chance to share your knowledge.  When someone bases their knowledge strictly on major daily events like our professional jobs, huge amounts of opportunity in our non-professional relationships, marriages or a recreational moments for sharing knowledge are lost. 

As I get older, I find that more of the minor events of my life – the non-professional moments are more and more exciting when I ask questions and talk to other people about their knowledge.  What’s more – I’ve come to recognize the more non-professional “minor” moments are really what life is all about. These are the moments that people can really begin to share knowledge for social benefit to enhance our everyday lives.

Quite simply, sometimes our day-to-day conversations can seem more drab, boring and unexciting because it’s simply easier to just chit-chat or gossip about people and things rather than make the effort to share and enhance our knowledge beyond our professional lives.  Social media is full of this type of data noise. But when was the last time you asked someone about their own knowledge from their own life experience? When was the last time you posted something using social media that wasn’t just gossip or chit-chat? You might be surprised where the conversation goes and what knowledge is shared. It’s also a great conversation starter.

We embrace this type of thinking that knowledge is only found in the professional realms of our lives largely because that’s what society has convinced us.  We rarely think that our more non-professional, personal conversations can stimulate knowledge as well – especially now using social media.

Personally, I’m thankful that I’ve had some amazing non-professional conversations sharing and increasing my own knowledge when I take the time to ask other people about what knowledge they think they can share to make the world a better place.

Our professional lives do generate great opportunities for new knowledge.  But if we only attach importance to professional knowledge we miss moments to add significantly to who we are and how we can make this world a better place by also sharing knowledge in our non-professional lives. I have learned from experience that sometimes the greater moments for knowledge happen “off the clock”. We have opportunities for sharing knowledge whenever and wherever we go.

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