Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Knowledge & Courage

A sign of courage in our age of conformity and deep disagreement (both political and religious) is the ability to believe in one’s own knowledge – not unrealistically or defiantly – not with defensiveness or stubborness or as a form of retaliation – but with courage to try and make the world we live in a better place for everyone.  The courage to believe in one’s own knowledge is about being open to new and diverse knowledge – letting other people’s knowledge mix with your own to create new knowledge. But all of this courage must be with the intention of using knowledge for the greater benefit of the world we live in. 

Many people think that their own knowledge is limited and not worth making an effort to share. Many others adopt the knowledge of other people – especially religious leaders – as their own, as they seem unable or unwilling to recognize their own knowledge and share it with others.

It’s important that we recognize and value our own individual knowledge. Every personal experience in each life creates knowledge to share and turn into action. If I believe that criticizing others in a negative way is bad, then not only must I NOT do that, but I have to share my knowledge when I see other people doing so. I don’t have to attack them or tell them they’re wrong or make them feel bad – after all, I may be wrong in my interpretation of a situation – but I do have to stand up for my own convictions and my own knowledge while respecting the knowledge of other people and their convictions. And I can ask questions to try and understand their knowledge and get a better understanding of their situation with the intention of making things better for everyone. We may not agree completely, but we can get to a point of mutual understanding and respect that becomes new knowledge.

If I keep an open-mind to the diversity of knowledge in this world we all live in I can begin to see that all knowledge is a work in progress – a process – as the world is a work in progress. I can’t change another person’s knowledge – only allow knowledge to evolve – espcially for social benefit.  Other people don’t have to live their lives according to my own knowledge – but if I don’t live my own life recognizing and valuing my own knowledge, and using it for social benefit – I am contributing to a world of people lacking courage.

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