Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Today’s Knowledge Inspiration: Contributing Knowledge For Social Benefit Is The Key To A Happier Life

There are many people who make everyday knowledge in life beneficial for everyone.  Are you one of them? These people carry a confidence that each person’s life experience within the world can correspond to a vision of social benefit for everyone.  I believe personal success and happiness comes from the knowledge we share and receive.  Sharing knowledge for the benefit of others is the key to a happier life. The enduring reality is that understanding others and respect comes from being open to giving and receiving from the diversity of knowledge that we share on this planet. Knowledge for the benefit of all is the key that keeps our purpose on this planet peaceful.  The great thing is that there are many keys (of individual knowledge) that can open the same lock. When you begin to mobilize knowledge for this purpose the world begins to be a happier place – and it’s all within your control with your own key.

What each of us do and the way we share our own knowledge each day with the world determines whether or not we contribute to the success of using knowledge for social benefit. My life and my knowledge are not a result of  “accidents” in life – but a result of the individual experiences that I gain knowledge from. Many of my life experiences I would never want to repeat – but I gained knowledge from these experiences. How I choose to use this knowledge is up to me.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m sometimes not always good at consistently sharing my knowledge or asking others about their own knowledge.  Sometimes it seems akward or very personal to approach people to talk about their own knowledge.  And I can often see things in negative ways and can be judgmental or jump to conclusions – and miss opportunities to learn something that might add to knowledge for social benefit.  I miss opportunities to contribute to knowledge for social benefit – mostly because I get caught up in my own experiences or fears and completely miss the chances to connect with people and their own knowledge.

But when I take the opportunity to share and receive knowledge – especially through my use of social media – I’m reminded that the world I live in has a diversity of knowledge to make this planet a better place. I only need to take the time to be part of this knowledge mobilization.

If I am not mobilizing knowledge I am limiting knowledge by keeping my own knowledge to myself and ignoring the knowledge of other people. We may think our knowledge is not “worthy” of sharing – but all individual knowledge when mobilized for social benefit is worth sharing. Just open the lock with your key!

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