Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Today’s Knowledge Inspiration: Knowledge Mobilization Awareness

A person doesn’t need to study for years and search the world to experience knowledge. All of our individual experiences which constantly occur every minute of everyday are moments of knowledge.  All a person needs to do is notice intelligently –  if even for a brief moment – the value of individual experiences. As I always state – this doesn’t mean there is no value in formal education or research to gain greater knowledge – but far too often the value of individual knowledge to contribute to Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is overlooked or ignored. And when I use the world intelligently – I simply mean by opening your eyes and ears to value your own experiences (good or bad) and share the knowledge you have to make life better for everyone.

Sharing knowledge also means being open to new and diverse knowledge to gain different perspectives about how things may be done differently on this earth. The world is filled with different peoples, cultures, ideals, beliefs and knowledge. Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is about taking these differences and peacefully and intelligently discussing how to create a better world for everyone using these different and vast sources of knowledge. Knowledge is inherently about connecting – connecting people and experiences. Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is about bringing together the diversity of knowledge in this world to create new knowledge for social benefit for everyone in whatever different context or culture in which one is living.

Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) provides the flow – the process – that connects knowledge and experience in each context.

All a person needs to start making a difference is an awareness of the benefit of one’s own individual knowledge.  The everyday events of our lives can teach us important lessons about the world in which we live.  If I am aware of the value of my own knowledge – while also recognizing and respecting the value of each person’s knowledge – then every experience of everyday is an opportunity to make the world we live in a better place by joining together the diversity of knowledge on this earth to create social benefit for all.

When I am aware and appreciate the value of my own knowledge in conjunction with the vast sources of other knowledge I begin to see the value in all knowledge which focuses on creating a better world.  When I am aware and appreciate the value of my own knowledge in conjunction with the vast sources of other knowledge, the world starts to be a much different place – not a place in which I must fight to make my place in the world – but a place that welcomes and respects all knowledge for social benefit.

All we need do is notice the value of our own knowledge.  All we need do is allow ourselves to look and listen and share our knowledge with others while focusing on making this world a better place with the diversity of knowledge each of us has. When we combine these great sources of individual knowledge throughout the world we can experience the strength of Knowledge Mobilization (formal and informal/micro and macro levels) within the world. 

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