Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Monthly Archives: July 2011

Today’s Knowledge Inspiration: Sharing & Gaining Knowledge Is The Secret Of A Greater Life

Do you give others any of your knowledge:  a thoughtful act, a helpful idea, a word of understanding, a great suggestion? When you take something out of your mind in kindness from your heart, and give it to another person’s mind and heart, you are mobilizing knowledge for the benefit of society.

Each time one person contributes their own knowledge for the benefit of someone else there is also benefit for others beyond that one person. When this knowledge gets shared even further to others beyond that one person a change for better can take place in the world – by knowledge mobilization.

Each individual contribution to improving knowledge can improve the world.

What does your knowledge look like? Do you give it freely to others?

How can you help your knowledge to grow and to thrive and benefit beyond yourself?

What kinds of actions keep your knowledge hidden from others?

Giving others our knowledge and gaining new knowledge to help make the world a better place is the secret of a greater life. Not necessarily money – but encouraging each person to share their own knowledge and understanding.