Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Knowledge In The Now

I was doing household chores the other day – clearing dishes, vacuuming, dusting and washing – and I started thinking back to a time in my early adulthood when I first gained knowledge about mindfulness meditation and being in the now.  I first learned this technique when I was more religious in my life in my early days (I’m now a secular humanist) – but I never forgot the importance of being in the now. So, as I was doing these chores I began to focus deeply on the tasks at hand and appreciate my own ability to be able to do these tasks that are often thought of as mundane. There are many who can’t even do these things we may take for granted or consider mundane or tedious – many who only wish they could do these types of given tasks.

Although I do not meditate for any spiritual or religious reasons – yet practice mindfulness meditation daily – I recognize how this type of knowledge helps me to calm myself down when I find myself getting anxious, and deal with the many obstacles and worries that can fill each day by using this more rational perspective. Instead of wasting so much time and energy stressing over past mistakes or future what-ifs (that we all tend to do), I try to see the beauty of all of the things around me and appreciate the sensations I can experience in any given moment.

In each moment of focusing on the now I can gain knowledge from each experience – including all my interactions with others. I pride myself on my awareness and ability to deeply listen to other people – but there are still many times when I simply don’t see things or really listen to others because I’m so distracted and focused on something else. These are moments of lost knowledge – not moments of knowledge in the now.

How often do each of us experience moments of lost knowledge on a daily basis? How often do each of us go through our daily events distracted – our minds often whirring with worry about past mistakes or future deadlines – instead of slowing down and looking and actually seeing all that is around us and interacting with others in the now to gain more knowledge in the now

My sincere hope is that as time goes on, each of us will be able to make these kinds of observations without being so stressed out by outside forces of past mistakes and future deadlines.  I hope that we’re all able to slow down and look around us without being anxious or stressed.  I hope that we’re all able to appreciate life and living as much as we possibly can by sharing our knowledge and learning from the knowledge of others – in the now.

Our world is so full of people who get cancer or tumors, other illnesses or life challenges – and these people are then forced to deal with such knowledge in the now. Many times, many of these people become the very people who can teach us all about knowledge in the now. If these things happen to us – and of course they do happen to so many of us – I hope we will deal with them well, learning lessons from such people who have been there experiencing knowledge in the now. Certainly, most of these people want to teach us. They don’t want us to have to go where they’ve been – but most do want us to gain knowledge form their experiences.

Have you slowed down lately?  Have you tried to see all that’s around you and understand it, appreciate it along with all the people you come in contact with?  There’s much more in this world for us to see than we actually see – and each contact with each person is an opportunity to gain knowledge. It’s up to us to make the effort to see it and gain knowledge in the now

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