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Let Go Of Your “Stupidity”

Feeling stupid is something few of us like.  We want to sound intelligent but sometimes cannot let go of the uncertainties and fears – uncertainties and fears about our own ideas, beliefs, habits and thoughts and mistakes we make in comparison to other people in a negative wayFeeling stupid is simply being out of contact with our own knowledge, abilities and confidence.  Feeling stupid is about comparing ourselves to others in a negative way instead of seeing the value of our own individuality. When we feel stupid we know we are stuck and embarrassed, but we have to remember that everyone has moments of feeling stupid. The solution: recognize this and move beyond your uncertainties and fears. Stop comparing yourself to others, and have confidence in your own knowledge and abilities to move forward to let go of your “stupidity”. From moments of “stupidity” come moments of new knowledge if we let go and move forward.

Letting go of your stupidity is sometimes difficult.  We tend to hold on to those things that embarrass us or make us feel inadequate simply because we learned to whenever we feel stupid. We forget that everyone has also felt this way at one time or another. Everyone has felt stupid or inadequate. Were our teachers or parents enlightened people to help us recognize this, or were only the “smart” people or actions always pointed out and rewarded.  “Smart” people?  “Stupid” people?  All of us have fallen into these categories at one time or another. Were our teachers or parents focused on teaching us what was best for us as unique individuals, or on strictly passing on their own brand of knowledge – something that worked for them but which might not have been best for us?

Our own knowledge is about looking at the new, the untried, the different – and making mistakes. Making mistakes is how we learn and acquire more knowledge.  Our knowledge lies in growth – and the one constant in growth is change.  Without change, there is no growth, and without letting go of yesterday’s beliefs and ideas of “stupidity” there’s no room for new knowledge.

There’s something limiting about hanging on to our own “stupidity”. It can be like carrying a large rock tied to us that weighs us down and prevents us from moving forward and acquiring more knowledge. In some ways it can represent “failure” – but in many ways, failure is the best way to learn and gain knowledge.  Sticking to our “stupidity” and not moving forward from our mistakes is like putting up a curtain in front of our windows and not letting in the sunlight of new knowledge. We are stuck in the darkness of our own “stupidity” and we believe in it and think we are the only ones to have ever felt stupid.

We have to be active in letting go of our own sense of stupidity – having the confidence to move forward and learn new knowledge from our failures and mistakes.  We have to consider that everyone has felt stupid – and let that be the only comparison we make with others. We have to value our own individuality and learning abilities and stop comparing ourselves to others. Have confidence in your own knowledge, learn new knowledge from your failures and mistakes – and let go of your “stupidity”.

5 responses to “Let Go Of Your “Stupidity”

  1. Lyka Ricks December 16, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    How honorable is knowledge, that the one who does not have it, says he does. How dishonorable is ignorance, that the one who has it says he does not. ~Ali bin Abu-Talib obtained from Knowledge quotes

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