Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

The GG’s 3 C’s Of Knowledge Diplomacy

A recent piece written and published in The Globe & Mail by Canada’s Governor-General (GG), His Excellency David Johnston, titled The diplomacy of knowledge points out the 3 C’s that are “the constant, dynamic elements of learning…in the global knowledge society: creativity, communication and co-operation.

The Governor-General’s article reiterates the core messages of my KMbeing blog posts about the ultimate value of sharing knowledge – sometimes in a more creative manner – in any situation with anyone to make the world a better place. His Excellency refers to this as the diplomacy of knowledge, “defined as our ability and willingness to work together and share our learning across disciplines and borders.”

My KMbeing blog has always promoted Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) in a holistic (and perhaps at times idealistic) way to advance knowledge and combine knowledge to create new knowledge to make the world a better place. The Governor-General rightly points out the current priority of knowledge – “as opposed to military might or GDP…as the new currency and passport to success.”

In my own way I have attempted in my KMbeing blog to describe His Excellency’s idea of diplomacy of knowledge as a way to “open up relationships between peoples” at all levels and “foster harmony in an interconnected world.” It’s very affirming to see that the core message in my KMbeing blog about the value of knowledge mobilization and knowledge sharing at every opportunity for global value is also recognised at a higher level by the representative of Her Majesty, The Queen, in Canada.

As the Governor-General states, “learning together is an important part of living together.” His Excellency also states that “while many of our greatest challenges arise through the interplay of complex problems, so, too, do our greatest advances often occur at the intersections between disciplines.” I couldn’t agree more, as I pointed out in my KMb model below where the intersections for social benefit across sectors occur.

I am truly proud to be a Canadian – and a Canadian knowledge mobilizer – who can be considered part of our Governor General’s recognition that “Canadians can play an important role in the global knowledge society.” Previous blog posts in KMbeing similarly speak of the GG’s 3 C’s of knowledge diplomacy with the recurring messages of sharing personal creativity, communication and co-operation through personal knowledge mobilization to make the world a better place. I strive to bring a sense of creativity to each KMbeing blog post, communication of personal knowledge for everyone, and co-operation for social benefit with the ultimate goal of making the world a better place for everyone – or as the Governor General concludes…”envisaging a world in which all nations (and all peoples) are eager to know and share their learning.”


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