Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Change Is Good For Knowledge

We often don’t want things to change.  We want the same old and comfortable things, the same and regular routines, the reliable beliefs and knowledge, the enjoyable jobs, the trustful and loving relationships, the same friends, the innocent children, the enjoyable types of music that reminds us of the “good old days” – and the familiar neighbourhoods that always stay the same.

I’m often torn between the desire to have things stay the same and finding new things in my life that may bring challenges, new perspectives and growth. But as we know – nothing stays the samenot even knowledge. This is what knowledge mobilization is all about. When we want things to stay the same it brings to mind someone who is intolerant of change, intolerant of others – and intolerant of a diversity of knowledge.

We live in a world filled with a diversity of people and a diversity of knowledge. We need to learn to accept that growth is about being open to change based on the concept of accepting others as they are at any given time – with knowledge that may be different from our own.

It’s important for us to learn to combine our knowledge for social benefit rather than trying to exert our will on anything to try to get it not to change so it will stay the same as what we think it should be.  When we accept others and their knowledge as they are at any given time, their value and their uniqueness are clear to us – and we don’t feel a need to keep things the same for our sake.

When we combine such diversity of knowledge for social benefit we begin to deepen understanding, eliminate fear and intolerance, and move towards making the world a better place.

When I think of all the places I have travelled in the world and all the people I have been privileged to meet, I know that all of the diversity of knowledge that I have experienced – and continue to experience – has made me a better person. But we don’t have to be world travellers going to a multitude of countries to share knowledge for social benefit. We are fortunate to be living in a world where we can connect to each other and to the diversity of knowledge in this world thanks to the power of the Internet and social media.

Being open to diverse knowledge, connecting it to our own by combining knowledge, and changing knowledge for social benefit through knowledge mobilization is a unique skill that we all can learn.  When we give up trying to see how our own knowledge is “better” based on our own intolerant social lenses, we learn to combine knowledge for social benefit that can change the world and make it a much happier place for everyone.

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