Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Knowledge To Put Things In Perspective Through Social Media

In the everyday rhythm of life there will always be good days and bad days. Some days we will feel like our knowledge is making a difference in the world – other days we will often feel like our knowledge is unimportant or ignored – or we may even feel stupid with no knowledge to contribute. Just like the waves of the ocean that ebb and flow – a deep, inner conviction that sharing knowledge every day to make the world a better place will help you weather the storms of insecurities, fears and worries that lash at the feelings that your knowledge is insignificant, and help you recognize that everyone’s knowledge can create change to make the world a better place.

We live in a world where we can connect our individual knowledge and learn from the knowledge of others – thanks to the power of the Internet and social media. Never before in the history of humanity has such tools been so immediate and powerful in communicating so effectively and so vastly. Something like Twitter for example has reshaped the way we can share knowledge and create social benefit and human understanding around the globe on a daily basis. That’s an amazing thing to remember.

Each day, I am reminded of how powerful this can be when I read first-hand tweets about the devastation and war-torn struggles in far-away places from my own, but can connect and communicate with these people through my own and others’ tweets and blogs. I can give them hope for a better future and they can teach me humility and appreciation to count my daily blessings in comparison. I can share my knowledge of the importance of knowledge sharing for social benefit and they can teach me strength in daily conviction to overcome adversity.

For each of us: tomorrow is a promise to no one! Sadly, there always seems to be new reminders of thisNo matter where we live on this planet – that applies to all of us. That is something that all of us share. Yet, knowledge is also something that all of us can share to bring change for a better tomorrow.

I once heard someone say there are people who are “ocean personalities” in this world. In their inner depths they are not defeated by the crashing waves that happen to them at the surface, but can teach us through their deep convictions. The towering waves of circumstances cannot reach them when they go deep within to seek the peace that surpasses all understanding. While the surface of life is in turmoil they can find an inner calmness to see them through.  This is not only knowledge to learn from – but wisdom for all of us. This is what Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is all about. When is the last time you stepped back to think about this in your own life? When is the last time you mobilized knowledge in this way?

Is it possible to share individual knowledge to make the world a better place? What a wonderful part of life sharing knowledge is – and what great opportunities we have to do it every day from our everyday personal experiences through the power of social media. It’s always there – it’s just not in the newspaper headlines or newscasts, not on entertainment shows or reality programming.  It’s in our everyday opportunities to connect with each other’s knowledge in each individual life when we take the time to connect online and share knowledge with others from around the globe to make the world a better place for everyone.

Knowledge sharing for social benefit can come only when we see what really matters and what really is not significant in our lives when we compare ourselves and share our knowledge with others from around the world.  Losing a job or a personal possession is quite a personal blow – but when compared to the possibility of losing your life, your home or your security – it really puts things in perspective.

The daily possibilities of sharing our diversity of knowledge in this world are there for each of us – yet we often keep our own personal knowledge locked away, rarely to be communicated with others beside us, let alone, around the world. We let our own circumstances determine how we feel without thinking about the greater tragedies of others who are dealing with far greater difficulties than our own.

The important thing to remember is that knowledge sharing can put these things in perspective, bring greater human understanding and create possibilities of social benefit for everyone. So, get tweeting, get blogging, get sharing knowledge with others around the globe to make the world a better place!

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