Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

What Does Knowledge Success Look Like?

What does knowledge success look like? To share knowledge for social benefit and learn new knowledge from others. To win the respect of others and appreciate the value and benefit of sharing knowledge to make the world a better place. To learn that everyone has knowledge to contribute to make the world a bit better – if we only take time to listen. Knowledge shared for the benefit of others is knowledge success.

This is a lesson on the perspectives of knowledge. Knowledge for social benefit does not only come from those people considered “intelligent” or “successful” in life. Knowledge success comes from the satisfaction of knowing that the knowledge we have shared with others is about connecting the diversity of knowledge found on this planet to make it better for everyone.

This type of knowledge success isn’t complicated. It’s a simple approach to being open to others and what they can teach us and what we may be able to teach them from whatever walk of life we’re from. Knowledge success does not depend on fame or fortune. Knowledge success is about Knowledge Mobilization.

Every day that we can share knowledge for social benefit – to help break down the knowledge barriers that plague this planet – is a successful knowledge day. Knowledge success is about respect for others and knowing that we all have knowledge to share. Knowledge is not limited to one area of life, one group or one person. Knowledge success is knowing that every human contact is an opportunity to learn and improve – for everyone.

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