Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Never Regard Sharing Knowledge As Something Only “Intellectuals” Can Do

Never regard sharing knowledge as something only “intellectuals” can do. Sharing knowledge – for anyone – is a daily opportunity to influence and contribute to the knowledge of the world if we share knowledge with the intention of social benefit.

Sharing knowledge is not just about sharing knowledge from our minds – it’s also about sharing knowledge from our hearts. We can all contribute to social benefit by sharing knowledge from our own personal experiences. When we share knowledge for social benefit our own communities benefit and – in turn – the greater community of humanity can benefit, making the world a better place.

Why do we have a tendency to ignore the value of sharing our own knowledge? During our years of education, most of us learn the value of sharing more formal or academic knowledge. We read, we write. But in our everyday lives we also have opportunities to share informal knowledge about life experiences that can literally change our lives – and the lives of others. By sharing knowledge and being open to the knowledge of others we can open up channels for creating new knowledge, broadening our perspectives – making all of us happier and healthier people on this earth.

When we share knowledge, we see further into the depths of the diversity of life experiences and knowledge on this planet. Seeing the possibilities from knowledge sharing can help us recognize the inherent value of each person’s existence, and help us realize the amazing way that people in our universe exist and grow and change. Seeing another human being is an incredible experience if we open our eyes up to understand how every human being has knowledge to share – regardless of complexity or simplicity.

 It’s how we combine our knowledge that will make us all better people.

Sharing knowledge pulls us out of our limited perspectives and takes us into another world in which the “impossible challenges” and wicked problems can become one step closer to being solved.

 Sharing knowledge can sometimes be the bare minimum of commenting on how we identify with another person’s experience through our own. Whatever effort we put into sharing knowledge will definitely pay all of us back dividends if we do so as a way to make the world a better place.

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