Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

The Ever-Changing Knowledge Of Our Collective Humanity

Why do we believe in the idea that knowledge is something that we attain and once we attain it – it never changes? It’s this view that limits our collective human understanding when we believe that knowledge is somehow “set in stone”.  It’s more like footprints on a beach.

Yes, as human beings, we can be creatures of habit, we can be territorial and we can be very guarded about our belief systems – even to the point of war. We fear change and things that are different from our own personal viewpoints. As human beings we want “security” and “stability” in our comfort zones, but ironically are willing to fight each other about our knowledge differences to “win” even more territory on the shifting sands of “security” and “stability”. But we never win fighting for this type of “knowledge”.  The waves of change always occur.

We think our own knowledge and the collective knowledge of our own groups, cultures, nations, lifestyles, and religions are the only knowledge to be attained – and once we have this “true” knowledge – it never needs to change. Everyone else can have their own “false” knowledge – but our knowledge is actually the “true” knowledge. But this way of thinking is really only caused by a desire for things to stay the same and seek “security” and “stability” in our own desires to expand our own comfort zones – like footprints in the sand.

This is a false sense of understanding knowledge and a false sense of understanding the evolution of our humanity on this planet. With this type of stagnant thinking we will always be held back from our collective human potential. Everyday, the world is filled with change, and there will always be differences from our own personal viewpoints. This has always been a part of our human history.

Human advancement and understanding have always occurred in our human history when we’ve decided to step beyond our own comfort zones of “security” and “stability” – especially in our understandings of knowledge. When we are open to the knowledge of others and share our own knowledge with human cooperation and not fear, only then will it lead us to greater worldwide security and stability. We will then have attained the knowledge of human understanding. But this knowledge does not stop there.

The process of knowledge is an on-going flow, not containment. Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is the overall flow and ongoing and constant input and development and creation of new knowledge. It is the open process of putting available knowledge into active service to benefit not just one particular group, culture, nation, corporation, organization or religion – but for the greater benefit of all in society.

No experience is ever exactly the same as any other – just as no person is exactly the same as any other. As each moment is different – so is each knowledge moment Trying to “attain” knowledge as something unchangeable will lead you on a limiting search. But if you pursue knowledge with an open-mind and expectation of the ongoing process and flow of knowledge you might very well find greater happiness in your life – and a deeper understanding of our ever-changing humanity.

Do we need to be considered “super intelligent” to have knowledge? Do we have to have an academic degree to have knowledge? Do we have to be wealthy to have knowledge? No, we just have it.  Each second, each minute of our lives creates individual knowledge – from personal experiences – waiting to be shared with others – and received from others.  Wherever we are, any time, we have the capacity to share our individual knowledge, our life experiences; even the parts we think aren’t “worthy”.  We all have opportunities to teach and learn from others – which contribute to making this world a better place.

If we spend all of our energy trying to “attain” unchangeable knowledge we miss out on the daily flow and process of knowledge. It’s like trying to hold back the waves from washing away the footprints on a beach.  When we are open to learning and sharing knowledge with others we have the opportunity to let the diversity of knowledge come into our lives and transform our own knowledge and the ever-changing knowledge of our collective humanity.

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