Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Abundance Of Knowledge


It’s important to realize that there is an abundance of knowledge all around us – including from ourselves. Focus on the abundance of your own knowledge and not your lack of it. Many people talk about how we tend to create our own realities by focusing on negative aspects of our lives. If we focus on lack, then we’ll continue to experience lack.  And we won’t be able to experience the value of sharing the wealth of our own knowledge until we begin to value that knowledge.

Life is not set up to make us suffer – and often we are the ones who contribute to our own suffering by the way we think about ourselves and our own knowledge – and the events that happen to us. Most people don’t focus on possibility and potential to value the knowledge they have to share to make the world a better place, but on the limitations and what they see as impossibilities – or lack of knowledge. Each of us has knowledge – shaped in different ways and by different experiences, and each of our knowledge is different, one from another. It’s how we share these differences of knowledge, and combine our knowledge that leads to something better. There’s  a cornucopia of knowledge diversity in this world that we can all share to benefit everyone on this planet.

We’ve all suffered setbacks and defeats. It’s by learning from those setbacks and defeats as points of knowledge  abundance that can help us focus on avoiding future setbacks, and sharing this knowledge for social benefit. If we focus on the negative, our focus will continue to be on the negative. If we focus on our “lack of knowledge”, our focus will continue to be on our “lack of knowledge”.

The abundance of your own knowledge is always there. Even if the abundance of your own knowledge seems flawed, you have knowledge to share for social benefit – if you wish to share it, and if you are open to the knowledge sharing of others.  Life’s too short to spend it focused on what we don’t have in our lives – especially a “lack of knowledge”.  Keep focused on the abundance of your own knowledge and believe in its value, and you are bound to see great changes in your life – and in the lives of others to make this world a better place to live in!  And remember – abundance of knowledge doesn’t always mean intelligence. Knowledge mobilization and knowledge exchange is about sharing knowledge – any knowledge – for social benefit. How do you value your own knowledge and share it to make the world a better place?

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