Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Your Unique Knowledge Role In The Human Knowledge Destiny


Each person has a unique knowledge role in life. Don’t waste your time and tears trying to gain knowledge to be like someone else. Be proud of your own knowledge – no matter how “limited” it may seem at anytime. But reach further for knowledge, share your own knowledge, and learn from the knowledge of others to make something better for yourself, as yourself.

Yet, don’t stop there.

Combine your unique knowledge – no matter where you are in life – to create new knowledge with others. It’s then that you will find the knowledge role you are meant to have in life – as we all strive together to reach our overall human knowledge destiny to make this world a better place.

I’ve known so many people who have pursued things in life that seemed so far away from whom they are as people because someone else told them their knowledge wasn’t “good enough.” It becomes sad. Or other people who have simply given up. I’ve seen people who have wonderful knowledge filled with personal life experiences – tragic and successful – who try hard to become “more intelligent” because they believe the current knowledge they have has absolutely no value.

Then there are others who try to use their knowledge simply because they selfishly want to make a lot of money.  Sharing knowledge can make people wealthier, but is this type of knowledge sharing contributing to making the world a better place for everyone? Knowledge is being used as a human commodity not a human commonality.

It’s a great challenge to uncover our authentic selves and to develop confidence in our own knowledge through our own unique life experiences that reflects our own authenticity.

The uniqueness and authenticity of your personal knowledge are some of the most important things to recognize on your life journey to become the person you were born to be.  It’s easy to pursue things we think would make us “more knowledgeable” like other people, or pursue knowledge strictly for financial profit. But not recognizing the value of our own knowledge – here and now – does not reflect who we are as an authentic person, as each of us has authentic knowledge.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent time in my life trying to become some things that I thought others wanted me to be, and that I simply wasn’t meant to be.  And I spent time in the past thinking my knowledge had no value. While I don’t fully regret the time I spent trying to fulfill the expectations of others – as it has contributed to my life experience and the knowledge I have now – I sometimes wonder what I could have done for myself had I spent that time trying to gain knowledge strictly for myself, while also valuing my own knowledge.

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, and it’s a shame when we spend valuable time and energy on trying to be what others expect us to be by focusing on our knowledge “weaknesses” and devaluing our unique knowledge experiences.  When we’re able to focus on the unique contributions to knowledge that each of us can make in life, we accomplish more and grow more in the knowledge role we are meant to have in life – And it’s in the personal recognition of the value of our own knowledge that we can then connect to our overall human knowledge destiny on this planet. 

One response to “Your Unique Knowledge Role In The Human Knowledge Destiny

  1. Melanie Barwick February 9, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Wise words indeed. Also the reason why crowdsourcing is so effective; everyone brings their own knowledge to bear on a sticky problem!

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