Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Knowledge Before It’s Too Late

before it's too late

One of the greatest challenges for most of us is our hesitation to share knowledge with others – before it’s too late.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen many people come in and out of my life, and there have been some incredible occasions where I’ve been able to learn so much from others by sharing knowledge. Many of these people I’ll probably never see again and never get the chance to tell them how much the knowledge they shared with me has helped me in developing my own knowledge, and to share this knowledge even further with others.

There are other people I still see regularly, and I try not to miss opportunities to share knowledge. We all have unique life experiences and we all have knowledge to share. I also try not to miss opportunities to tell others how grateful I am that they have shared their life experiences of knowledge with me. If it means a lot to me to hear this from others, then I hope it means a lot to others to hear it from me.

One of my major problems early in my life was that I spent much of my time thinking that others weren’t really interested in the knowledge I had to share with them. I use to think that my knowledge was useless, stupid, and not good enough. In short, I use to think that any knowledge I had to share couldn’t possibly make a difference in making the world a better place. As a boy and a young man, I shied away from sharing my knowledge because I was sure that it just didn’t matter.  As a young adult, that thought was so deeply ingrained in me, I could hear a voice saying “you’re stupid” in my head, guiding my actions and guarding my interactions with others. I use to have a hard time fighting my way past it – and sometimes I still do. But I’ve learned some valuable lessons when I’ve been brave enough to open up and share my knowledge with others. And from sharing my own knowledge, others have shared their knowledge with me from their own life experiences, and we have created new knowledge together.

It’s really unfortunate that we don’t spend more time sharing our knowledge with others.  While I’m sure there are some people who feel as awkward as I use to feel, as long we are sincere and tell others we value what they have to say, no matter how “limited” they may think their own knowledge is, most people will appreciate the opportunity to share their own knowledge from their own life experiences. As these are the moments when we can learn to make the world a better place.

Sharing knowledge with others with this intention in mind people can help us all to contribute in a very real and very positive way to the world in which we live, for the more people there are in the world who feel their knowledge is valued, the more people there will be in the world who are able to share their knowledge with others – before it’s too late!

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