Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Knowledge Can Be Used For Good Or Harm

pill person

We live in a complex social world where many different social forces contribute to the development and production of knowledge.  By combining our knowledge we may help produce a cure for an illness, but we may also contribute to the construction of a destructive new weapon or a new addictive drug. Knowledge can improve lives and knowledge can also destroy lives. Knowledge can be used for good or harm.  The moral purpose behind sharing knowledge is important, but the outcome of sharing knowledge can never be controlled or shaped by the original person sharing that knowledge. Should that stop us from sharing knowledge? Of course not. There are those who want to use knowledge as a weapon. Remember, anything can be used as a weapon.  But also remember, not sharing knowledge out of fear leads to ignorance. When you share knowledge, start with the intention of sharing knowledge for good and not harm.


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