Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

The Ecosystem Of Knowledge Mobilization


A tree does not grow quickly in one day. A tree requires deep, nutritional soil, adequate rain and the warmth of sunlight to slowly grow each day. Year after year it grows with the rings of experience that come with each season. Each year it extends out and forms new branches.

Knowledge is like that. It takes time to acquire knowledge. Knowledge requires deep support and nurturing along with the warmth and openness of others to gain more knowledge each day. Year after year knowledge grows with the experiences of life.

A solitary tree is often an unusual site. Trees are mostly part of a larger forest, growing stronger side by side with branches overlapping and touching.  Just as individual knowledge is touched and connected to other knowledge. Within the forest, a variety of birds and other animals transport seeds, foreign plants and flowers while travelling and jumping across these connecting branches. These are like the exposure to new ideas and co-creation of new knowledge. And sometimes flames of change completely engulf the forest eventually spurring on new growth and new direction, like a knowledge paradigm shift.

This is the ecosystem of nature, and a more creative way to the think of the ecosystem of knowledge mobilization.











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