Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Knowledge Mobilization & Laws


Knowledge mobilization (KMb) helps policymakers make evidence-informed decisions. The stability of a country and order in society are based on decisions to create rules and laws that benefit its citizens. Adhering to decisions and obeying laws are meant to give us freedom not oppression, keep us safe and not inflict harm. Although it may appear that laws are designed to restrict citizens, laws are created to bring freedom and safety if we obey them. A red traffic light means you’re not allowed to cross for danger of being hit or possibly killed. A “no entry” sign or a rope closing off an area may look insignificant but it represents a protection of your freedom and safety. Obeying laws include everyone in a society from the President, Prime Minister, Sovereign, Governor, Premier, Mayor or Council Member. If those who govern us don’t follow laws themselves the country will become unlawful and lead to chaos. However, laws are also based on best-practices and are evidence-informed. Laws – like our knowledge – can change and evolve.

This is why knowledge mobilization is so important to society. Knowledge mobilization is the process of providing policymakers with knowledge to make evidence-informed decisions that continue to make the world a better place and its citizens better people.

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