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Negativity Or Hope Of Knowledge


What is the negativity or pessimism in your life that stops you from sharing knowledge or learning from the knowledg of others? What is your hope in sharing knowledge or learning from the knowledge of others?

Fluid & Changeable Knowledge

fluid and changeable

Your knowledge is your reality but remember this is true for everyone else. Knowledge is always fluid and changeable, making it easier to improve to create social benefit if we are open to and combine our knowledge with the knowledge of others.

Knowledge Change & Choice

change choice

Sharing knowledge is about changing the world and choice to share for social benefit or harm.

Renewable, Transformable & Transformative Knowledge For A Better World

For a better world

Your knowledge is valuable when shared for social benefit – and always will be. Sharing your knowledge to make the world a better place allows you to look to the future with hope, allows you to see the possibilities and potential of this beautiful world we live in, rather than the limitations and impossibilities.

Knowledge is renewable, transformable and transformative if we nurture it. We must respect each other’s’ knowledge and allow each other space and respect to grow our knowledge together if it’s going to be of any benefit to anyone. When we share our knowledge and open ourselves up to the knowledge of others to try to live together on this planet we can lead this world into new beneficial knowledge and new situations that can open up new pages in this planet’s book of diversity that can be of benefit to us today and to future generations.

We’ll never know our true potential if we don’t allow ourselves to share our knowledge and travel further along together than we currently travel. We’ll never witness the richness of knowledge collaboration that may come into our lives if we never permit our shared knowledge to be a guiding force for our mental and physical and emotional efforts.

You have your knowledge. Value it and allow it to grow when shared with others, and do what you can to make knowledge a force of social benefit. Our knowledge is given to us for a reason, and that reason is not to keep us frustrated about our lack of fulfillment on this planet due to misunderstanding and hatred. Our knowledge is given to use for a reason, and that reason is to improve the lives of everyone on this planet with possibilities and potential. What are you doing to value your knowledge and share it for social benefit?

Knowledge For Positive Change


Creating positive change in any community starts with individual knowledge.

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Stop To Enjoy The Knowledge

stop and smell the roses

In what ways do you stop to enjoy the knowledge that is shared in this world for social benefit instead of taking it for granted?

How You See The World With Your Knowledge

see the world

Being “intelligent” depends on how you see the world not how the world sees you. Share your knowledge from how you see the world to make it a better place not someone who makes it worse.

Closed-Minded To Knowledge

close minded

What have you learned from being open to the knowledge of others to make the world a better place or are you still close-minded and unwilling to learn?

Knowledge Mobilization with a K.I.S.S.

keep it simple

We live in a complex world and think that only a few “expert” people have the “intelligence” or “best” knowledge to teach us how to deal with the complexities on this planet if we’re to survive and thrive in this world. That seems to be what many people want us to believe – that only a few people have “expert” knowledge to share that can make a difference. What really matters is not how much knowledge we have but how knowledge is shared in order to improve our lives, our communities and our planet and make things better for ourselves, our humanity and our world. That is what knowledge mobilization is all about.

We diminish each of our lives when we think that the knowledge we have to share for social benefit isn’t “good enough” or we’re not “smart enough” by not committing ourselves to many causes and activities of global knowledge sharing to make the world a better place for everyone. Every bit of knowledge that is shared for social benefit and combined with someone else’s knowledge brings us closer to global understanding – despite living in a complex world. Knowledge sharing is about being open to the knowledge of others and knowing that even the “limited” amount of knowledge that you have to share can make a difference when it’s connected to the greater good of global knowledge sharing for social benefit to make the world a better place for everyone.

There are many who think that the world is too complex to create global change through global knowledge sharing. There are many who think that the world is made up of too many differences in customs, beliefs and ideologies that ultimately lead to extremes and insurmountable conflicts that overwhelm us and condemn us to continue to make the same mistakes over and over again and never learn from the knowledge of the past. There are many who think that society has too many wicked problems to overcome. Yes, the reality is that these wicked problems exist and the complexity of these wicked problems continues to create barriers to social improvement and global peace. But thinking that these problems are too complex for us to make a difference by not even contributing and sharing from the experiences and knowledge that each of us has to make the world a better place – or by simply leaving it to the “intelligent” knowledge “experts” to figure out only adds to the barriers that already exist.

Knowledge sharing for social benefit is actually simple, and only through the simple will we overcome complexity. Of course, we have to be open-minded and recognize that the differences that lead to our global complexities, fears, hatred and violence stem from ignoring our common humanity and opportunities to focus on combining our knowledge globally.

There is an expression keep it simple, stupid – or K.I.S.S.

I think that the “stupid” are those too close-minded to share knowledge for social benefit, who ignore opportunities for each of us to combine our knowledge globally rather than being too caught up in the personal insecurities about the value of our own knowledge or default to the knowledge of the “experts”.

Knowledge sharing for social benefit is simple. That doesn’t mean that we will avoid the complicated when it’s necessary to face it, but that we realize that the very action of making a start to share knowledge for global understanding can make the world a better place. It’s a simple thing and does not need to be complicated, for all of our knowledge has value when we share it and are open to the knowledge of others. When we combine our knowledge differences to focus on our common humanity we can create change or improvement for all in the world – and in so doing we can create knowledge with a K.I.S.S.

Knitting Knowledge Mobilization


Do you knit? Do you like to turn yarn or thread into warm, comfortable clothing or snuggly blankets? I’d like to dedicate this blog to all of the knitters out there. Quite surprisingly, for some reason, I’ve found many of my colleagues in Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) are genuine “dyed-in-the-wool” regular knitters. Is there some sort of strange connection between people who enjoy knitting and knowledge mobilization? Probably not. However, it’s suspicious that both knitting and knowledge both begin with silent Ks! All humour aside, it appears that knitting remains a very popular hobby.

One of my dedicated blog and Twitter followers (whom I also follow regularly) is Bonnie Zink (on Twitter @BonnieZink). Bonnie is a writer, editor and a knowledge translation & exchange specialist, as well as being a social media enthusiast interested in Knowledge Mobilization. Her Twitter profile says she “loves to indulge in knitterly obsessions” which is…

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