Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Monthly Archives: September 2013

Who Is Responsible For Knowledge Exchange?


Who is responsible for knowledge exchange to make the world a better place?

Learning Together In Our Diversity Of Knowledge

learning together

Do you try to selfishly change others with your knowledge and live life only for yourself, letting other people do the same, or do you openly exchange knowledge with others learning to be together, do together, learn together and live together in our diversity, letting other people do the same?

The Depth Of Knowledge Sharing

deep knowledge

The depth of knowledge sharing for social benefit – you either get it or don’t, you either ignore it or you make fun of it. Which one do you think adds value?

“What if?” Knowledge

what if

“What if?” is never something to consider when thinking about the past – but “what if?” is always something that can spark great ideas and knowledge for the future.

Remembering Knowledge

Things to remember

Remember a time or experience when you felt that sharing your knowledge for social benefit made you feel the most proud of being a human being living on this planet. How do you feel now when you remember that time or experience? Do you try to continue to share your knowledge, improve on it – or keep it hidden away?

Taking Knowledge For Granted

take for granted

Do you take knowledge that makes the world a better place for granted? Sharing knowledge for social benefit is a gift. Never take it for granted but keep sharing it forward to improve knowledge for everyone.


Waiting For Someone Else’s Knowledge


Are you making the most of sharing your knowledge to create a better world or are you still “waiting” for someone else to do it?

Learning To Share Your Knowledge In The Long Run

In the long run

The younger we learn to let go of the insecurities of sharing knowledge for social benefit the easier and better life is in the long run.

Hatred & Sharing Knowledge

no to hatred

Hatred is a waste of time and energy. Hatred is a choice. Sharing knowledge to make the world a better place is a beneficial use of time and energy. Sharing knowledge for social benefit is also a choice.

Waiting For A Knowledge Sign

waiting for a sign

Are you waiting for a sign to share your knowledge for social benefit and make the world a better place? Are you waiting for a sign to be open to the knowledg of others for social benefit and learn to make the world a better place?