Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

Monthly Archives: October 2013

Important & Valuable Knowledge Exchange versus Limiting & Incorrect Knowledge Exchange


When important and valuable knowledge is exchanged with others for social benefit it can create social change. It’s the same with limiting and non-productive knowledge exchange. What are your doing to enhance and produce knowledge to make it important and valuable for social benefit and effective change?

Open To Knowledge Exchange & Perceptions

knowledge perception

How open are you to knowledge exchange to learn valuable lessons from other nations, cultures and societies?  Sometimes our knowledge perception is not the same as others in this vast and diverse world. To find common understanding in creating new and open knowledge is one of the goals of knowledge mobilization.

Knowledge Purpose & Meaning

purpose & meaning

Knowledge exchange gives us purpose and brings meaning to our individual and collectives lives on this planet.

Don’t Keep Your Knowledge Secret & Learn Alone

passing on knowledge

Sharing your knowledge and life experience with others is more beneficial to social benefit that keeping your knowledge secret and learning alone.

The Ups & Downs Of Knowledge Sharing

Ups and Downs

Why can’t all life’s knowledge sharing journeys be downhill? Because if there were no uphill climbs of knowledge exchange there would be no downhills of understanding.

A Bad Day Sharing Knowledge

bad day

If you’re having a bad day sharing knowledge to make the world a better place remember the good days when sharing knowledge made a difference for social benefit. If you’re having a good day sharing knowledge and it’s made a difference for social benefit, be thankful you’re not having a bad day sharing knowledge.

Sharing Knowledge Fairly

hands open

Do you share knowledge fairly by listening to other knowledge perspectives or do you try to always shout your knowledge to get your point across? Have you ever considered the diversity of knowledge in this world and the possiblity of sharing knowledge fairly?

A Path To Knowledge Understanding

path together

When confused or frustrated by another person’s knowledge think of it as a path between two points of possibility to engage and learn. Keep walking down the path with openness and you will arrive at common understanding and potential to make the world a better place.

The Choices Of How We Share Our Knowledge


We can work on social problems to improve our world by sharing knowledge. It’s about the choices we make to improve how we share our knowledge even when it  doesn’t seem possible right now.

Bureaucracy of Knowledge Sharing


How do we cut through the bureacracy of knowledge sharing to share knowledge that creates sustainable change to social problems?