Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

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How Do You Compare Your Knowledge?

orange and apple

How do you compare your personal experiences and knowledge with the personal experiences and knowledge of others? Do you think your personal experiences and knowledge have less “value” than others? All personal experience and knowledge have value if shared for social benefit to make the world a better place.

Peace Of Mind In Your Knowledge

peace of mind

What in your knowledge exchange with others brings you peace of mind?  Knowledge that is exchanged freely and openly is not disturbed by things you cannot control or things that others say that you do not agree with. Knowledge Mobilization is about knowledge exchanged freely and openly to create new knowledge together for social benefit.

Climbing Out Of The Pit Of “Stupidity”


Sometimes being in the pit of feeling “stupid” and “unintelligent” makes it difficult to climb out and see that your knowledge and intelligence – no matter how “limited” it may seem – can contribute to making the world a better place.

Values Of Knowledge Exchange


What are the values that influence your knowledge exchange?

Open To Knowledge Exchange & Perceptions

knowledge perception

How open are you to knowledge exchange to learn valuable lessons from other nations, cultures and societies?  Sometimes our knowledge perception is not the same as others in this vast and diverse world. To find common understanding in creating new and open knowledge is one of the goals of knowledge mobilization.

Prejudiced Knowledge


How are you being open to the knowledge of others or closed to the knowledge of others? How are you unprejudiced to the knowledge of others or prejudiced to the knowledge of others? How are you aware of your own knowledge contribution to the world or the knowledge that others in the world can share with you?

Negativity Or Hope Of Knowledge


What is the negativity or pessimism in your life that stops you from sharing knowledge or learning from the knowledg of others? What is your hope in sharing knowledge or learning from the knowledge of others?

Knowledge Change & Choice

change choice

Sharing knowledge is about changing the world and choice to share for social benefit or harm.

Stop To Enjoy The Knowledge

stop and smell the roses

In what ways do you stop to enjoy the knowledge that is shared in this world for social benefit instead of taking it for granted?

Closed-Minded To Knowledge

close minded

What have you learned from being open to the knowledge of others to make the world a better place or are you still close-minded and unwilling to learn?