Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

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Making Someone Else’s Life Better By Sharing Your Knowledge

make a difference

How do you make someone else’s life a little bit better by sharing knowledge and being open to the knowledge of others?

How you exchange your knowledge is your message to the world. Make sure it’s for social benefit and not harm.  Your knowledge becomes better when you make someone else’s life better by sharing knowledge and being open to the knowledge of others.

Learning To Share Your Knowledge In The Long Run

In the long run

The younger we learn to let go of the insecurities of sharing knowledge for social benefit the easier and better life is in the long run.

How You See The World With Your Knowledge

see the world

Being “intelligent” depends on how you see the world not how the world sees you. Share your knowledge from how you see the world to make it a better place not someone who makes it worse.

Change Knowledge In This Moment


We can share our knowledge in this moment.

We can change the world with our knowledge in this moment.

We can change our knowledge in this moment.

But we don’t. Why?

Make A Start To Share Whatever Knowledge You Have

young or old

In our life-long journey we need not worry if we have “the best” knowledge to share; we just need to share our knowledge. In our life-long journey when we combine our knowledge we create new knowledge that can lead to better knowledge.

A knowledge journey may seem to begin slowly when we may feel like our knowledge has little value. Regardless of how much experience we have or the trials and tribulations that life brings us it becomes very clear that all of our experiences contribute to our knowledge. All of this knowledge can be shared at any point in life. A person – whether young or old – need not worry about a “lack” of knowledge. It’s a pity that many give up hope that they don’t have knowledge to share that can contribute to making the world a better place. It’s the very act of sharing any knowledge that we have that can spark new thinking and create new knowledge when knowledge is combined from one person to another.

Continue to strive forward wherever you are in the journey of life and share your knowledge – whatever knowledge you have – with the intention of sharing knowledge for good and not harm. This is the most important part of knowledge mobilization – to make a start to share with whatever knowledge you have.