Knowledge Mobilization (KMb): Multiple Contributions & Multi-Production Of New Knowledge

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Peace Of Mind In Your Knowledge

peace of mind

What in your knowledge exchange with others brings you peace of mind?  Knowledge that is exchanged freely and openly is not disturbed by things you cannot control or things that others say that you do not agree with. Knowledge Mobilization is about knowledge exchanged freely and openly to create new knowledge together for social benefit.

Waiting For Someone Else’s Knowledge


Are you making the most of sharing your knowledge to create a better world or are you still “waiting” for someone else to do it?

Beyond Your Lack Of Knowledge


Stop worrying about the “lack” of knowledge you have and start sharing the knowledge you do have. Sharing knowledge – no matter how “limited” – can contribute to creating knowledge beyond your “lack”.

Knowledge From All Walks Of Life

all walks of life

In order to create social benefit, that can lead to influencing government policymakers, knowledge exchange through knowledge mobilization develops relationships among a variety of individuals – from all walks of life – to encourage involvement in new ways of combining our diversity of knowledge to make the world a better place.