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KMbeing & Mini-Blogging

Do you ever think about getting “back to basics” or living a simpler life? For every time someone has asked that question another generation grows into old age – and a younger one keeps the pace moving forward.  But there always seems to be a call for simpler things in every generation. This question seems to be even more significant now as advancements in technology have progressed at an accelerating rate to include our current world of social media.  The technology that has created social media has produced a vast and still growing network of connections and data that link us – and the knowledge we share – worldwide.

Anything – any topic, belief, invention, merchandise, ideas or thoughts can be shared and learned at the click of a mouse as machines have created faster, better, and more efficient ways of knowledge mobilization.  But is this really helpful?  The more inundated we are with Internet “data noise” the more difficult it seems to keep up and keep track. But do we have to?

Sometimes simpler is better, and there are times when the simplest messages work the best to get your point across. So, considering this idea of simplicity, I have been using the KMbeing mini-blog format for several years with great success.

I started blogging with the usual average of about 600 words. Then, I found the idea of micro-blogging on Twitter – with 140 characters or less – a great way to summarize our thoughts, connect and communicate instantly with others, and post links to things we consider important.  But, if the aim is also to remember what we think is important, then the simple act of summarizing knowledge and thoughts in a blog is the next step as mini-blogging.  Bite-sized pieces of knowledge!

Short – to the point – helps you to remember and get the message across.

Knowledge Mobilization is all about sharing, learning, remembering – and above all – turning our knowledge into action for the benefit of society. I want my blog to support me in keeping focused and to the point, but more importantly not to cause me or my readers to get lost in a mental fog in which I try to convince you about something with a rambling set of words that can more easily be explained in a short summary.  I trust in my readers’ intelligence and knowledge, and know that the comments section can be used to ask any further questions for clarification or make comments.

That’s why; I include a mini-blogging format in the KMbeing blog instead of longer posts that I wonder if anyone ever reads completely or attentively anyway.  I have received several compliments on my regular KMbeing posts and I thank all of my readers for the tremendous support, encouragement and knowledge mobilization that you provide from my KMbeing blogs.